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Saturday, 10 DEC 2011 15:42

Name of CIPO’s and Appellate Authority

S.No. Name of the CPIO Name of the Appellate Authority
1. Shri Mohd. Afzal,
Director (Waqf, NMDFC, Admn.)
Shri E.R. Solomon,
Joint Secretary (IM & Waqf) and Appellate Authority
2. Shri Lucas L Kamsuan, 
Dy. Secretary (Scholarships & Free Coaching)
Ms.Dimple Verma, 
Joint Secretary (S & M) and Appellate Authority
4. Shri Dheeraj Kumar, 
Director (Leadership & MsDP)
Dr. Yashpal Singh
Joint Secretary (PP & Admn.) and Appellate Authority
5. Shri M.A. Imam,
Deputy Secretary (MAEF, NCM)
Ms. Dimple Verma, 
Joint Secretary (S & M) and Appellate Authority
6. Shri V. K. Wadhawan, 
Director (Finance) and CPIO
Shri. A. N. Jha 
Joint Secretary & Financial Advisor and Appellate Authority
7. Shri Brij Mohan, 
Under Scretary (15 PP) and CPIO
Shri Yashpal Singh 
Joint Secretary (PP & Admin.) & Appellate Authority
8. Ms. Geeta Mishra, 
Under Scretary (Sachar) and CPIO
Shri Yashpal Singh 
Joint Secretary (PP & Admin.) & Appellate Authority

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Directorate of Minority Welfare
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