Directorate of Minority Welfare

Government Orders
GO(Rt)No.3426/2015/GAD Dtd.08.05.2015
GO(Rt)No.3427/2015/GAD Dtd.08.05.2015
GO(Rt)No.3000/2015/GAD Dtd.24.04.2015
GO(P)No.2/2011/GAD dtd.01.01.2011
GO(MS)No.96/2010/GAD Dtd.30.03.2010
GO(MS)No.227/2009/GAD Dtd.03.10.2009
GO(MS)No.163/2012/GAD Dtd.23.06.2012
GO(MS)No.395/2012/GAD Dtd.31.12.2012
GO(MS)No.393/2010/GAD Dtd.04.12.2010
GO(MS)No.51/2011/GAD Dtd.16.02.2011
GO(Rt)No.8024/2013/GAD Dtd.04.10.2013
GO(MS)No.283/2011/GAD Dtd.29.09.2011
GO(MS)No.226/2009/GAD Dtd.03.10.2009
GO(MS)No.75/2012/GAD Dtd.11.04.2012
GO(Rt)No.2374/2009/GAD Dtd.31.03.2009

Directorate of Minority Welfare
News Flash

   Student application invited for UGC/CSIR-NET Coaching 2023-24

   Application invited for PJMS scholarship-2023-24

   MTS scholarship 2023-24 applying date extended to 30-11-2023

   APJAK scholarship submission date extended to 04.11.2023

   Application Invited for Mother Theresa Scholarship 2023-24

   Application Invited for UGC/CSIR-NET Coaching Centres 2023-24

   Application Invited for APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarship 2023-24

   Tender notice for purchase of books, rank files, periodicals for upgradation of library in coaching centres for minority youth.

   Application form for Pathway-Social Life Wellness Programme 2023-24

   Application date extended up to 25.08.2023-Impichi Bawa Housing Renovation Scheme 2023-24 for Minority Widows/Divorced/Abandoned Women.

   Application Invited for Information Cum Research Officer - Application last date - 31.07.2023

   Application invited for Impichi Bawa Housing Renovation Scheme 2023-24 for Minority Widows/Divorced/Abandoned Women. Last date: 31.07.2023

   Application Invited for Project Officer - Application last date - 20.06.2023

   Form of Tender Notice

   Application Invited for CCMY Admission last date for submission of application 20/12/2022

   DD Refunding Method

   Guidelines to apply Minority Status Certificate

   Minority Status Certificate Application Form

   CCMY Admission Form

   CCMY അഡ്മിഷൻ ഫോം

   Application for Sub Center

   സബ് സെന്ററിനുള്ള അപേക്ഷ